3D models for bathroom design. It is safe to say we can all recognize a terrific bathroom when we see it. Whether it’s due to their spaciousness, decorations, stylish accent details, all great bathrooms have one same notion behind them – they all depict cleanness and freshness. Keeping that in mind, we have created a wonderful choice of 3D bathroom furnishings that will do miracles maintaining the image and functionality of the respective 3d bathroom you are creating.

All of our 3D bathroom accessories and furnishings are designed to complement a variety of visions. They will do a great job fitting in into any respective bathroom scenography you are trying to recreate. Regardless of the overall design of the 3D bathroom space or the story you are trying to tell with your 3D modeling artistry, all of our bathroom 3D models will to it seemingly and without any effort on your part. 

As far as 3D bathroom furnishing goes, we’ve opted to use white color for the most part. White is the most neutral, yet clean color, which will fit perfectly with any other color pattern you’ve been using, as well as any trend you are going for. Furthermore, all of our 3D bathroom models are designed with rounded shapes and shiny polished surfaces, which just adds more credibility to the overall 3D animation that they are part of. In order to avoid the effect of blinding and somewhat bland monochromaticity, we have also incorporated several dark colored 3D model bathroom pieces. Accessories such as black shower wall set and an amber-colored dispenser soap bottle will do a great job breaking the monotony that bathroom interiors sometimes tend to fall into.

Our 3D models will also go great with any kind of luxurious style you were going for, including the ones with the ornate details and contrast textures. The pieces are also designed to fit variety of space sizes, so whether you are going for a small or spacious bathroom, our 3D model furnishing will fit in perfectly. Take a peek into our marvelous Bathroom 3D model category, we are certain you will find something to complement your 3D vision. 

Available in different 3D formats for SketchUp (.skp), Cinema4D (.c4d), 3ds max (.max), OBJ (.obj / .mtl), 3D studio (.3ds), Autodesk FBX (.fbx).

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