We offer a wide variety of adaptable pieces of 3D model furniture to embellish any interior and exterior design. All of our 3D model furniture fits the usual approaches of the contemporary design, but it will also bring life into any visualization with its innovative and futuristic design. We understand and appreciate the value of clean lines and monochromatic spirituality that is currently leading the design evolution. Our 3D model pieces are created to fit different spaces and circumstances when it comes to your respective visualizations, but are also interesting enough to add a personal touch to any 3D animation.

All of our 3D model furniture items are made to look both modern and inviting, so they provide endless array of possibilities when it comes to 3D visualizations. When we worked on creating the specific 3D model pieces, we kept in mind the versatility that can come from the „eye of the mind“. Since the 3D model furniture doesn’t allow for much chameleonism, we took the route of flexibility and made single pieces that will fit numerous scenarios of your 3D animations.

Nordic designs and monochrome interiors are all the rage right now, which makes our 3D model pieces perfectly suitable for lavish spaces of your possible 3D animations. However, due to its simplicity, all of our 3D model furniture is also perfectly fitting for more ordinary and unpretentious surroundings that could also be the scenery of your 3D animations. We leaned on the current aesthetic outlined by minimalism and functionality. We based our creative efforts on your potential visualization plans and the trend that’s been influential since the early 20th century. Our furniture features a sturdy-looking-design and an effective combination of smooth curves and sharp angles.

Materials of our 3D models include a variety of soft fabrics, whitewashed wood, and sleek metal, as well as rattan and marble. Instead of overshadowing the beautiful designs with flashy colors we opted to create a more clean-looking layout for our 3D models. Shades of grey, natural textures and muted hues, with slight twists in the design are always on-point when it comes to furniture. Our 3d model furniture will fit whatever 3D visualization you might have in mind, as it manages to look sophisticated, but cozy and warm at the same time.

Furniture is one of the key elements of a house or any other space. Proper 3D model furniture will enhance the overall visual appeal of a particular 3D space. Modern day furnishings aim to provide comfort, superior quality, durability, but also emphasize the beauty of your space. With our 3D designs you can avoid the middleman, which would in this case be an interior decorator, as our 3D model furniture is created to complement all of the elements your 3D visualization might have. From open countryside to most urban spaces, our 3d model furnishings will fit everywhere and illuminate any vision and 3D animation you might have.

Whether your visualization features vintage style or a modern classic, our pieces exude timeless style, so they will balance your 3D fantasy perfectly. We are also well-aware that your preferred furniture will reflect your taste, so we made all of our pieces to be laidback, but with an edge. People who get the pleasure of witnessing your visualization will never get bored with the scenography if you go for our furnishings. Regardless of the situation and space that you need to procure the furniture for, our pieces will make a statement. A simple stylish leather armchair will make a statement even in the plainest of spaces. Comfortable looking beds and sofas will look attractive to anyone, while a classic wooden bench with struts will look like a fashion statement in any garden.

We are also aware that you might change your mind about the scene of your 3D animation, so we made all of our furniture to be simple and adaptable. We also aimed to make our 3D model furniture multifunctional, so most of our 3D model pieces can be used for several purposes, while giving its user a sense of balance and peace.

Our primary aim remains to fit into every 3d visualization, but we’ve also created some more chic and eclectic 3D model pieces that will give any space an injection of excitement, and maybe even controversy. The way we see it, the trick is to create serene, but never uninteresting interior and exterior 3D animation. 3D animation spaces that are furnished with our 3D model pieces speak of a worldly and elegant owner, who at the same time isn’t a stranger to action and adventure.

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