About Danthree

Who are we?

Danthree is run by Daniel Schuster and is an interior designer and modeller who attaches importance to great 3D models.

What do we do?

For the visualization community we create 3D models in different formats for SketchUp, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max as well as in the formats .3ds, .obj, .mtl and .fbx. Further you have the possibility to download the different textures for the respective model in the download area. Vray materials are also available for modelling. The high-quality SketchUp models are ready to render for Vray 3.4 and on.

About 3d models

How often are new 3D models uploaded?

We strive to upload new 3D models every week.

Who are the 3D models suitable for?

For all who want to create high-quality renders in the interior and exterior industry.

Where can I get free 3d models?

All free 3d models can be found here. 

Which export formats are offered?

We offer the following export formats; SketchUp (.skp), 3ds Max (.max), Cinema 4D (.c4d), 3D Studio (.3ds), Autodesk FBX (.fbx) and OBJ (.obj .mtl).

Which license do the 3d models have after purchase?

All our 3d models at Danthree have the Royalty Free license. More about our licenses you will find here.

What means ready to render?

Here at Danthree we create solely the best and the highest quality 3D models. All of our versatile and contemporary 3D models are provided with their respective textures. That means that they don’t require virtually any work on your part, aside from inserting them into your preferred 3D program and rendering them. 

We are well aware of the patience and a creative drive that all 3D animators must have, in order to achieve the proper rendering. The understanding of the sole process of fixing lighting and producing particular scenes, as well as the thought and care that it requires, is what constantly pushes us to improve and diversify our 3D model offer. 

Because of the fact that rendering takes a significant amount of time, we made sure that all of our 3D models are really ready to use. Depending on the programs and applications you like using, you can opt to render our 3D models through commonly used rendering and stimulation V-Ray software, or through several individual export format such as cinema 4D, 3Dsmax and SketchUp.

If you are still not convinced in the effectiveness and readiness of our 3D models you can always upload and check out some of our delightfully stylish FREE 3D models.

What about the textures / uv-mapping?

All of the 3D Models at Danthree are provided with textures of high quality. We are well aware of vastness and depth of the internet and the fact that you have probably encountered lot of second-rate 3D model websites. We have created our website with numerous stellar features and benefits in order to ensure you that all of our 3D models truly are textured and made with the highest possible attention to detail. 

Our 3D Models are created with seamless texture in high resolution, and they are available in Diffuse, Displacement, Specular and Ambient Occlusion. All of these different texture maps are created with a highly advanced UV mapping process, which creates completely photorealistic 3D Models. Diffuse is most commonly used, and it can be explained as a standard photo you should get if you were to photograph the front of some material. Displacement is used for contorting the particular mesh when that is required. Specular is also known as the Reflection map and it states where the reflection of the light should and should not appear. Lastly, Ambient Occlusion is used for more pronounced detailing and shadowing. 

In short, we made sure that you get as much as possible when you opt to buy one of our marvelous 3D Models.

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